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Our Team
Terence Finn
Terence Finn, Principal

TerenceFinn[at] | Phone: 917.224.5639

Tags: CTO, CPO, Product, Technology, Architecture, Start-up, Digital Health, Behavioral Health

Our company is new and we have a small experienced team.   

Empathy Health

We focus on the overlap of product and technology in healthcare.  There are few events as tramatic as becoming sick.  Without help, you can feel hopeless.  We feel an obligation to HELP.  This includes business and product strategy, program management, and technology evolution.


Work has included:

  • Help a fast growing health/tech company improve their technology architecture scalability

  • Provide an outside perspective on product strategy and share customer adjacencies in the healthcare space

  • Evaluate technology architecture for a startup to ensure both the ability to deliver frugally in the short-term and the ability to scale long-term

  • Develop a go-to-market strategy for a technology solution

  • Sell a non-core business to fuel growth




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We are here to help.

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