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Remedy Health Media

Remedy Health Media reached over 100M unique people each year and strives to create an emotional connection that is a catalyst for behavioral change.  


Provides meaningful assistance to professionals in transition, whether or not they are working with a coach, by providing job search feedback that is personalized, comprehensive and affordable.


YouBelong strives to help those that are feeling isolated due to behavioral health issues.  The Opposite of isolation is a feeling of belonging.  YouBelong connects you with your doctor, friends and family and a seemless fashion, while also providing tools to help manage your condition.


MyCounterpane provides a platform for those who've experienced a life event (directly or indirectly), to tell that story based on how they feel.  Our aim is to be the experiential version of this quilt: a community that celebrates the virtual, remembers the real, and ultimately, counters pain with the knowledge of who we are, what we know, and how we feel.

Clarity Software Solutions, Inc.

Clarity Software Solutions, Inc. helps health insurance clients optimize customer relationships-and save time and money-by enhancing flexibility and control over document management and communications delivery.

Product and Technology Consulting
Product and Technology Consulting

Twiage optimizes a hospital's emergency room admission process by improving communication between paramedics and the hospital before the ambulance even reaches the hospital.

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