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We are here to help.

Mental Health Solutions

This is our passion.  We'd love to hear your idea and see how we can help!

M&A Strategy and Execution

Whether it is doing due dilligence on a firm's technology, product or pr people, or organizing the sale of a small business (too small for an investment bank), we can help.  

Software Development

We augment teams with leaders in architecture, product, program management, mobile, and other skills.  We work best in this fashion because our goal would be to improve the team you have, rather than make you dependent on us.

Product Strategy

We can help provide a confidential quick or detailed assessment of your product strategy, go to market plan, and client needs.  We've done this as a product owner, investor and advisor.


If we can't help you, we'll tell you, and then we'll try to direct you to people that can.

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